01 | Accounting/Tax services

Accounting, tax standards, laws and business practices continue to change as amendments and new accounting standards are issued, together with the introduction of quarterly reporting requirements and IFRS. The introduction of IFRS will require specialized assistance and advice from CPAs with expertise and knowledge. Also, English communication skills in this area has become more important than ever as economic globalization necessitates financial reporting or communication between foreign grouped companies to be in English.

In such an environment, it is quite difficult for many companies to maintain sufficient resources in the Accounting area to deal with such environmental changes in a timely manner.
In some cases, depending on the size and type of the organization, it may be more effective and efficient to outsource part of or all of its accounting functions.

We will support our client’s business by focusing on the efficient utilization of their human resources and identifying the most effective and efficient method to run their business.

The tax environment is also significantly changing due to constantly changing tax treatments as well as increasing transactions with overseas subsidiaries/parent company and clients and diversifying transaction forms.
With our extensive experiences and knowledge, we provide support related to not only domestic general tax laws but also tax treaties with various countries, special tax treatment regarding various inbound/outbound transaction forms, tax treatments related to financial products and real estate investments and tax return for foreign individuals,all of which are becoming more important than before.
(*1)Fukunaga Accounting Office will be in charge of the tax services.