05 | IPO support consulting

Listing in the stock market is a very important step in the business strategy. The market always searches for new companies to list as such movements enhance the stock market and economic activity. However, a listing involves an enormous amount of preparation and organization for the company to meet the listing standards, as the hurdle is quite high.

Our IPO support consulting motto is
“We want to help management and employees who work vigorously to overcome the high hurdles for the listing! We will do anything to help them achieve their goals!!”

Support for enormous amount of preparation
The preparation for listing involves countless numbers of items, such as preparing company regulations, organizing an accounting team that is capable of handling timely disclosure, reviewing related companies, reviewing operating flows, establishing internal control functions (company reorganization, if necessary), identifying related party transactions, capital policy, operating strategies, capital spending plans, etc. These are responsibilities of the management and employees, but professional expertise and experience can help to deal with them efficiently. We can offer our consulting for various situations whether it be from preparation, during the ongoing process (if there are difficulties), or at the final stage.

Capital policy/Business strategy
What is the company’s growth strategy after the stocks are successfully listed? Listing is a very important step in the corporate strategy, and therefore a company must have a capital policy when it goes public that reflects the company’s future growth. We will assist drawing up best scenarios based on the thorough understanding of the company and its strategies.

Report for listing application (Part I and II)
The required document “Report for listing application” is used by the listing evaluators as the basis to understand the entity. It must contain information to fully represent the applicant. For this reason, filling out these forms requires thorough understanding of the applicant and its business, together with documentation skills to effectively express in writing characteristics and strong points of the applicant.

In addition, the listing process also involves external negotiations with various stakeholders such as the stock exchange, securities companies, and venture capital investors.
We provide assistance in liaising or negotiation with the stakeholders from the management’s point of view.

Support for Post-listing Changes in Responsibilities
From the moment shares are listed, the company assumes responsibilities as a public entity. The important thing in the listing preparation is to establish an organization that is capable of appropriate disclosure to contribute to its ongoing development and investor protection. We can provide consulting focused on the organization and functions that can deal with the demands of a society that change dramatically before and after the listing.