06 | J-SOX/Internal audit consulting

In order to comply with the J-SOX requirements, we assess the design and operating effectiveness of internal control and provide proposals for improvements.

With regard to the compliance with the J-SOX requirements, operating costs and complicated procedures tend to be focused on. However, it needs to be remembered that the objective of implementing internal controls is to improve the corporate value.
With the aim of improving the corporate value, we will offer internal control consulting that is essential to add value to the company based on our accurate and thorough understanding of the client’s business.

The internal control system is not a one-time deal but requires constant updating to reflect both the changes in the environment surrounding the company, its business development, and organizational size. Therefore, the company should perform periodical reviews of the system’s operating effectiveness to consider whether any update is required.

To have a perfect system in place from the beginning is not easy, but the system can certainly be refined with constant improvements.

Internal audit consulting includes performing internal audit on behalf of the company as well as providing support for the internal audit department and internal auditors.

Formalized internal audit without understanding its real objectives can be a waste of time and money and would not help to build an organization that communicates necessary information to management in a timely manner. We will perform internal audit as an internal consultant, liaise and coordinate between departments, to build an organization where management may receive useful information from all departments and personnel, enabling improvement in the efficiency of operations throughout the company.