07 | IR Consulting

Consulting for IR Strategies

One of the keys to IR strategies is information strategy towards market. We will provide support/consulting service for strategic IR activities by sharing clients’ IR activity goals, with our extensive knowledge about the targets such as viewpoints and thought pattern of analysts and fund managers.

Development of Corporate Story/Brush-up

We will develop the story with strong appealing power to the market by exploring the thought pattern of analysts and fund managers.

Consulting for Planning and Agenda of Financial Results Briefing and Company Information Sessions
We will offer consultation mainly for presentations and Q&A sessions. Our goal is to communicate messages behind the corporate story to the fullest extent by having pre-meeting.

Advice on Timely Disclosure Rules and Preparation of Timely Disclosure Documents
Amid frequently changing timely disclosure rules, complexity of disclosure is increasing such as “systematic disclosure” and “voluntary disclosure.” Under such environment, we offer advice on timely and appropriate disclosure, including the establishment of the corporate structure enabling such disclosure.

Planning/Production of IR Tools and Communication Tools

The purpose of publishing information varies depending on the circumstances surrounding each company; for example, response to increasing ownership ratio of foreign institutional investors, enhancement of messages to individual shareholders, etc. We plan and produce various IR tools and communication tools based on the understanding of unique needs of each client.

Our service includes planning/production of annual report, shareholder letters, corporate brochure (video), CSR report, factbook, etc. In addition to generating contents, we also involve in production of printed material directly, which makes it possible to ensure high quality of information to be published to stakeholders.

*Our in-house translation department also provides high-quality J to E/E to J translation including English translation of earnings summary and overseas roadshow materials and the financial section of annual report. We also provide Japanese to Chinese translation and vice versa.

Support for Shareholders’ Meetings

Shareholders’ meeting operation support and consulting for scenario development

We will develop shareholders’ meeting manual, chair person’s scenario, anticipated Q&A sessions scenario based on the recent trend of the shareholders’ meetings. We also offer consulting service for holding shareholders’ meeting, including section of the venue and setup of equipments.

Consulting for Visualizing Shareholders’ Meetings

Recent shareholders’ meetings focus on the “understandability” and use visualized materials in reporting. Our service covers the process from production of contents for business reporting to creating narrated visualized materials. Our strength is that we can provide the one-stop solution from production of business reporting manuscript including review from the legal point of view (note) to delivery.

Note: we will outsource legal matters to partnering legal office.