08 | Back Office Support Service

Back Office Support Service

Our services include the followings:

- Administrative work associated with the setup of kabushiki kaisha and branches

- Salary calculation and social insurance related work

- Cash management (management[M1] , cash deposits and withdrawals based on the instructions from parent company/headquarters, management of passbooks and seals)

- Arrange representatives of Japanese arms/branch of foreign companies

- Provision of address for registration purpose and mail

- Other administrative work

Although back office itself is not profit-center, the speedy, efficient and accurate back office functions is critical for profit generating activities of front office. Especially in small-to-medium-sized companies, it is extremely inefficient to carry out specialized and wide range back office functions with a few staff. We will provide support for such specialized and wide range back office functions through outsourcing service for companies to use management resources efficiently and improve profitability.