09 | Real Estate Consulting

Negotiation of Rights/Proposal for Urban Development

We offer proposals regarding urban development from various point of view or aspects such as inheritance planning or viewpoint of accident prevention or business continuity.

In addition to making proposal to improve asset value, we also work on the optimal business method including negotiation of rights for leased land and/or houses or right conversion work as a partner of the client.

We offer practical proposals by providing various data for budgeting in business creation or profit and loss statements (e.g. land related costs and miscellaneous expenses) and arranging tie-ups with business partners and specialists necessary to run the business (e.g. design office, construction company, developers, etc).

Real estate fund

As for creation of real estate funds, we will search for potential target real estate and perform due diligence. We maintain a close relationship with Japanese and international participants in the financial real estate industry which enables us to prepare a list of properties held by real estate funds, financial institutions, developers, commercial companies and to provide support for all needs to buy and sell real estate.